The public report

The public report (61 pages) is is a shortened version of the full technical report (81 pages). It is aimed at the general reader.

Full technical report

The full technical report is aimed at researchers and those who want more details on the state of online and distance learning in Canada. Note that appendices are separate (see Data)

Ontario sub-report

This report compares results from Ontario institutions with results from the rest of Canada.

British Columbia sub-report

This report compares results from British Columbia institutions with results from the rest of Canada.

Sub-report on inter-provincial differences in online learning

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  • Lea
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    Thank you for giving me the opportunity to download your report. I am very keen to examine your methodology and results since in 2017 I run similar research for HE sector in Slovenia. Due to small size of the sector( country with 2 mio population with 5 universities) an university department (faculty) was used as an basic observational unit. Results have been enough informative for educational policy in Slovenia and HE institutions as well.
    Looking forward to study your results.
    Best Regards
    Lea Bregar
    University of Ljubljana
    Faculty of Economics

    • Tony Bates
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      Many thanks, Lea. It’s great to hear from Slovenia!
      We would be interested in any report or summary of your research if available in English
      Tony Bates

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